The Mind Body Harmonizer

Want to to Brighten Your Mood?

Need Deep Relaxation? Need to have Better Concentration in School and University?

Trouble Sleeping? Stressed Out?  Want to Meditate Easily?

The Mind Body Harmonizer is For Mood Brightening, Relaxation, Concentration, Stress Relief, Sleep Ease and Meditation.

Harmonizer shown with ear clips.

Harmonizer shown with ear clips for gentle brain stimulation through earlobes.

A “Blind Friendly” tactile design, available since 2014. 

Science Papers Supporting Gentle Electrical Brain Stimulation:

(Click the 3 Items below to download research papers)

1/ Meta-Study of 50 years research on Gentle Electric Brain Stimulation for Brightening Mood, Addiction and other Uses.

2/ Nursing Guide for Treatment of Sadness with Brain Stimulation Mary Gunther, PhD

3/ Studies on Effectivenss of Gentle Brain Stimulation for Various Applications.

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What is it?

An electronic Brain Stimulation tool to help you to Relax and Avoid Stress. It encourages Mood Brightening, Dispelling Sadness and the Blues. It also makes Meditation easier to learn and helps students to Concentrate during lectures. We sold hundreds of Mind Body Harmonizers and everyone was happy with their unit. There were no returns.

The Harmonizer stimulates the lower brain through the earlobes, causing a shift in neurotransmitters and brain frequencies using a principle that dates back to 1904. In over a century of use, similar machines have proven to be 100% safe and effective.

Neuroscience research hosted by the Dalai Lama showed that brainwaves at 40 Hz were associated with deep meditation, so we added 40 Hz stimulation to the Harmonizer as our Standard setting. 

We tested units over several years hundreds of users who reported mood brightening, improved concentration, clarity of thought, assistance in meditation and the stopping of circular thoughts which aided sleep.

Download Harmonizer Manual – Version 17-12.1-1


Alexa Hanson demonstrates the Mind Body Harmonizer

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Testimonials from Happy Users:

Larry Hall, MA psychologist
1233 shelburne Rd suite #220
South Burlington VT. 05403
I use your CES unit daily with numerous clients. I believe pairing anxiety provoking thoughts and memories with the more relaxed physiology that the device produces, enhances the therapeutic efficacy of our sessions. 

Several clients have purchased a unit for home use between sessions. I have purchased a few other types of CES units in the past and this is the best quality product at a good price. 

The multiple settings are also a plus. With the meditative 40 Hz setting seeming the most desirable.
Clare Menzies, London, Ontario.
I received my Harmonizer from my wonderful mum (Nutan) on one of my rest and retreat visits to her place. I have chronic pain, herniated disk, and have been diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety. For years I was on conventional medications for these “disorders” and they only made the symptoms seem exaggerated and I felt awful on them. So in the last 5 years I have been treating holistically instead. This addition of the harmonizer has cleared the brain fog. It has restored my thinking to a point where I feel focused and connected. I use the meditation or relax settings. Thank you so much for this device it is a major tool I use for managing.
Georg Harning, Victoria, BC.
I am experiencing positive effects and am totally delighted with my purchase. Helps with sleep, concentration, memory etc.
Gary Ranson, Victoria, BC.
Love the new 40 Hz setting. Very relaxing.
Karl Hawkinson, Victoria, BC.
Seems to help concentration and awarness. also i seem to be sleeping better
Monica, Victoria, BC.
Hi Ian,
I want you to know that I am pleased with the Harmoniser. I’m coming to the end of my two-week period of using it twice a day. So far I’ve just been using the Standard 40 hertz frequency. I haven’t yet explored the other two. I would say that the greatest benefit so far has been not getting into a negative state that hangs on for hours or days. There must be more firing of the synapses and I now have help in dealing with stress, without all the complexity of trial and error as well as the side effects from medication.
I also feel that my stress level has gone down and there are times that the Harmoniser has promoted a state of relaxation that allows pleasant images to float through my mind and then a good night’s sleep. Conversely, when I use it in the morning, along with my coffee it helps me to wake up, Some time I’ll have to try the Harmoniser without the coffee!.
Susan, Toronto, Ontario.
I am very thankful I found this device, I feel completely flipped from how I was two weeks ago. From not wanting to get out of bed to happy, healthy and back to my old hobbies. Thank you for this bringing this technology to Canada, I hope others find it as helpful as I have.


Last updated February 2018


Ian Soutar, inventor of the Mind Body Harmonizer, worked for the National Research Council in Ottawa instrumenting solar energy collection systems from 1984-1985. He founded Microsec R&D in 1986 to provide product design services for inventors and industry. He is partners with another inventor Ed Haslam and both do microcontroller based product designs. They have been granted 6 patents for unique designs.

Currently Microsec R&D Inc. is doing manufacturing of their own products for relieving stress and helping with relaxation, and to promote healing through pulsed magnetic fields or PEMF.