Functional Waveforms

Functional Waveform Modes

General Design of Waves

Waveforms are generated using a 909 hz AC trigger signal that passes through a step up transformer to put it into the 10 to 30 volt range.   See the Open Source Waveforms page for the technical details.   Square waves are not used, but rather 909 hz sine waves in clusters of 2 waves are used for the base stimulation signal.

Classic Bob Beck Type Waveforms

These modes use 100 hz, 14.3 hz and 0.5 hz stimulation and we also offer these frequencies.  This has been traditionally used since the 1980s although 0.5 hz has been used since 1903 in France for relaxation.

In addition to the Standard Relaxation waveform modes we wanted the Mind Body Harmonizer to cover for other potentially therapeutic waveform frequencies listed in the research.   Here are the alternative modes …

Meditation Assistance Mode

We have added an innovative stimulation frequency to the machine at 14.3 hertz.   Called “Meditation” it is  based on USA meditation research funded by the Dalai Lama that found during the deep meditation of a Buddhist monk, 40 hz was measured on a brain wave measurement device.  This was true for all the meditators in the experiment.  Electro-relaxation devices seems to blank the mind and make it easier to meditate.  Our reason for adding this mode is that individuals can benefit from meditation but often cannot do so because of excessive racing thought stress and worry.   This mode of stimulation can help blank the mind to help get started with meditation.  The 40 hz may help the brain to resonate at an ideal meditation frequency.   We have had a number of mediators try it and they liked the effect. It seems promising but the research by YOU out there is needed.  This is another field of research we are hoping to trigger!

Experimental Waveforms Need Testing:  We make no claims that our device will produce relief from drug addiction, pain and depression.   The device is made available so that individuals and amateur scientists can do their own testing and help to establish the Mind Body Harmonizer, not just as a relaxation tool, but also one to assist Meditators.


Ian Soutar, inventor of the Mind Body Harmonizer, worked for the National Research Council in Ottawa instrumenting solar energy collection systems from 1984-1985. He founded Microsec R&D in 1986 to provide product design services for inventors and industry. He is partners with another inventor Ed Haslam and both do microcontroller based product designs. They have been granted 6 patents for unique designs.

Currently Microsec R&D Inc. is doing manufacturing of their own products for relieving stress and helping with relaxation, and to promote healing through pulsed magnetic fields or PEMF.