How to Use It

How to Use Harmonizer

The machine was designed with blind users in mind.  A tactile style toggle switch was selected to make our device “Blind Friendly.”   We have selected waveforms based on USA research which are known to be effective for relaxation, stress relief and meditation. How well our device works needs research from you!  Worldwide, similar devices are available as consumer devices without a prescription and they also make no medical claims and are simply used for relaxation / stimulation.

Our vision is for these devices to be available at health food stores. We only claim it is good for relieving stress and for relaxation like other consumer health aids. We added an additional “Meditation” setting which may help to quiet the mind for meditation. Student users of 40 hz stimulation have reported that, when relaxed,  distracting thoughts are less common, and its easier to concentrate on university lectures.  This is just being explored by us.

3 Position Mode Selector Switch for Blind Friendly Operation.

3 Position Selector Switch for Mode is blind friendly.
Harmonizer Intensity adjusted with volume style control.

Harmonizer Intensity adjusted with volume type control.
Harmonizer Intensity adjusted with volume type control.

In the above two diagrams you can see the adjustments available.  A volume type control sets the intensity of stimulation.  Three modes of operation are offered by the toggle switch.

Daily Duration of Use

These relaxation devices are usually used 2 times per day for 20 minutes/session for 1-3 weeks. Others use it several times a week on a permanent basis or daily on a permanent basis.   It exists as a tool for Canadians to enjoy. 

User Replaceable Rechargeable Battery

Rechargeable battery is a user replaceable nickel metal hydride that can be purchased in most cities.

Conductive Gel

Conductive Gel needs to be used on the ear clips to provide a good connection.  Without the gel the device will not function properly.  The conductive gel used can be purchased in specialty drug stores.  Ultrasound Gel is NOT suitable since it does not conduct electricity.  A small amount of “Spectra 360” is shipped with each unit.  Any brand of electrically conductive gel will allow it to be gentle on the earlobes.  If you run out, tap water will work but will not be as comfortable.


Ian Soutar, inventor of the Mind Body Harmonizer, worked for the National Research Council in Ottawa instrumenting solar energy collection systems from 1984-1985. He founded Microsec R&D in 1986 to provide product design services for inventors and industry. He is partners with another inventor Ed Haslam and both do microcontroller based product designs. They have been granted 6 patents for unique designs.

Currently Microsec R&D Inc. is doing manufacturing of their own products for relieving stress and helping with relaxation, and to promote healing through pulsed magnetic fields or PEMF.