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The product has been in production since 2014. The design was perfect and there were no returns. 

Excellent reviews by users.

To Purchase:

  • Single unit price = $252 US Dollars.
  • $20 US Dollars shipping / Tracking USA and Canada per harmonizer.  (free if you pick up in Victoria)
  • Total price with shipping is $272 US Dollars for both USA and Canada..
  • Quantity pricing is available to researchers.  

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We guarantee this device is free from errors in workmanship for 90 days.  

The units are hand made and tested by instrument.   Finally they are tested by connecting to ear lobes to  make sure it feels correct.  Machines can be picked up in Victoria.   You are encouraged to do price checks.  USA FDA approved models range from $500 to $2000.  We priced the unit very low to make home therapy affordable. Currently units are built using a combination of hand construction and robot assembly in Canada.   All units are finally hand assembled, tested on the oscilloscope and attached to the ears of a tester to ensure consistent quality.  They are guaranteed to be free of errors in workmanship for 90 days.

Click Here to download Mind-Body-Harmonizer-Manual-V12-August-2014

Click Here to Download Mind-Body-Harmonizer-Quick Use Guide v4-August 2014

Advance Order Requests: can by made by writing to Ian Soutar <>

Custom waveform patterns are available on request if 10 or more machines are purchased.   Email me with your request.   isoutar (AT)


Ian Soutar worked for the National Research Council in Ottawa instrumenting solar energy collection systems. He founded Microsec R&D in 1986 to provide product design services for inventors and industry.

Ian is responsible for microcontroller based products and signal processing / control systems.

Past designs include a virtual reality fishing machine, a portable DNA analysis machine, a pocket-sized cardiogram device, spread spectrum radio tranceivers and a number of robotic industrial inspection devices. Starting in 2005 he has been doing work for the University of Victoria (UVic) in the field of robotic fish and a bionic inner ear.

From 2009-2012 he provided electronic assistance in the Mechatronics Program at UVic which offers real world industrial projects to students.

Currently Microsec R&D Inc. is doing manufacturing of their own products for relieving stress and helping with relaxation.

Ian has received 6 patents for his designs.